How to Use Insurance in My Business?

One of the things I hear all the time, is insurance is how do I use insurance in my business?

There are so many ways to use insurance in a business from insuring a Key Man (or person) that is vital for operations to continue to using it as collateral insurance in obtaining Commercial Loans. Did you know you can us your insurance for those reasons? Yes, you can!

One of the first things you want to do with an agent is evaluate what the vision is for your company. Do you plan on creating long term growth, expanding your operations to move locations, franchising in any way, or even deciding to one day leave as the key man of the company and replacing yourself with a VP or General manager that can handle the day to day operations and still keep a stake in the company behind the scenes. These are long term approaches to your business structure and using some of these tactics is what some Fortune 500 companies has done for growth in their businesses.

If this interest you, tune in to our Facebook page for Inspired For Greatness, LLC to listen in every Thursday of this month as we bring training in these area through a collaborative effort of SBDC, Ignite Alabama, & University of Alabama hosted by me (Demetris Curry).

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