No two individuals are alike and for that reason, we take a customized approach in personalizing each program tailored to fit the specific needs of applicant(s) and/or insured. Each solution is based off the findings during independent consultations, financial documentation, expressed goals, strategies currently in place,  and the evaluation of the steps taken towards said goal.

As an Independent Insurance Agent/Consultant to Individuals/Families abroad & Employee Benefits Advisor to employers across the nation, we partner with the Top Fortune 500 companies in the industry who specialize in Employee Benefits in Health/Disability, Life insurance Retirement Planning, Sports Protection & Wealth Building Portfolio Diversification in Fixed/Indexed Annuity structures, and so much more. Our clients include head of households, families, students, and employers of all sizes from large corporations to “mom & pop” store fronts. Insurance is the top used vehicle in spearheading Risk & Asset Management so we offer a full Suitability Analysis Review of applicant(s) current financial positions in assets/liabilities/income streams/ credit debt. etc. giving recommendations &/or options in the areas that would best fit the goals expressed during interviewing and analysis process.

Services Disclaimer- Applicant with strong medical concerns/diagnosis/ and or Felony Convictions: Pre-existing conditions does not mean automatic denial. We have worked closely with carriers to offer solutions for some higher risk applicants in such as areas of AIDS, Down’s Syndrome, Lupus, ALS, Autism, Cancer etc.  If you have strong medical concerns but would like to speak with our office to see if you are a candidate for underwriting consideration, email us today  at Applicants with previous Felony convictions/incarcerations may also apply for carrier partners will accept these applications.