A Troy State University graduate, Demetris F. Curry holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with a major in Banking and Finance. Licensed in Life & Health and Fixed Annuity Advanced Markets, Demetris is also certified in Variable Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Ethics & Trust, Financial Planning, Income Source, and Anti-Money Laundering.

She has 20+ years of experience in banking and financial services, wealth accumulation and maintenance, bank auditing, analytical reasoning, and life disability insurance procurement. She has worked for multiple financial institutions over the years and has helped many clients overcome their financial obstacles. The experience she accumulated over the years is why Demetris chose to join forces with leading Fortune 500 carriers in the insurance industry and financial planning industry to collaborate with them and prioritize integrity and commitment for the general public using their services.

With the key objective to help new and existing clientele control risk and teach them alternative retirement strategies, Demetris provides education to help strengthen their financial portfolios. Financial freedom is her passion, and she believes it is essential to achieving peace of mind, without worrying about finances and living in uncertainty. She takes her client’s financial issues and standings as a challenge and finds the best possible solutions for them. For her, one must be financially secure to live a peaceful life. Demetris’ purpose in life is to help those who think of their financial future as bleak. She has had a proper understanding of financial security since she was a young child as she saw her family struggle with financial hardships.

As Founder and Chief Insurance Wellness Strategist at Inspired for Greatness LLC, Demetris helps give financial education to people and has coaching programs that prepare individuals and families to manage their wealth for generations to come. Inspired for Greatness LLC is a strategic company solely developed to provide wealth-building development and strategic risk management consulting. Demetris utilizes her abilities by serving individuals and organizations worldwide with wealth planning, insurance acquisitions, and financial sustainability services. She is an expert in reviewing organizations’ employee benefits models for different businesses for efficiency and effectiveness while also forecasting small business’ company needs and practices which help them reach their goals.

Demetris wants to see you reach your goals without any delays, and she can do that by utilizing her expertise as an Insurance Wellness Strategist. With her unique problem-solving strategies, financial processes, analytical reasoning of approvals, quality service, and quality communication, she can help you achieve optimum results for your company.

Her priority is to educate potential applicants on areas of concern, such as retirement options,  cash accumulation, and college funding, while also maintaining their quality of life. She helps customers establish long-term financial wealth through customized, evidence-based, and results-driven strategies.

She has taken it upon herself to ensure that families and individuals worldwide are comfortable with their finances and use the right tools and resources available for their security. Demetris’ ultimate aim is to free individuals and families from financial distress.


Consulting with Demetris

Curry provides 1 on 1 Consulting to fit your needs

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Are customized to give each client what they want

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