Juvenile Cash Accumulation-  Building wealth for children can seem like a dream but is closer to reality than most realize. With the use of insurance cash value products that can provide wealth early for children, doors open for them providing more options in life to use on their adult journey. Cash Accumulation Life Insurance allows just that starting as young as 14 days old to 18 years, these tax advantaged plans can be customized creating Cash Accessibility usable for future endeavors i.e. College Funding, Commercial Properties purchases, company franchising, Self- Financing of homes & Travel, etc. As we know each individual’s goal is different from the next, so illustrations are created to target the expressed goal in mind.  Schedule a Free Consultation…

Fixed/Indexed  Annuities- Asset & Risk Management Retirement with guarantee options are at the forefront of the consumer minds daily as they work years to build financial stability & leave a legacy to those they love. Adding Fixed and/or Indexed Annuities products to a portfolio can help provide the asset diversification needed to balance out risk tolerance or return uncertainty in the market. With a comprehensive approach determining suitability of needs, this asset can fit well in a diversified portfolio. Schedule a Free Consultation…

Employee Benefits- As a free service to our employers, we perform a presentation to decision making upper management from Owners to Human Resources Directors demonstrating the free benefits options available to staffs of 3 ppl or more (includes owners) to be provided to their staff. Employee paid benefits  (no cost to employer) and/or Employer paid benefits (voluntarily paid by employers) are available. With a 1-2-1 approach with their employees to zone in on their specific needs during Open Enrollment and/or new hire processing, we report findings to HR Payroll processing allowing a qualifying Pre-Tax and/or Post-Tax Deduction from Payroll for employees requested health/life coverage option. Multiple location(s), Virtual Enrollment Platforms, & On-Site Enrollment Options apply. Our partnering Fortune 500 companies provide areas of coverage as follows: Short-Term Disability, Cancer, Hospital Plans, On/Off Job 24-Hr Accident Injury including Organized Sports (adults & kids), Critical Illness Protection, Dental, & Vision.

Life/Final Expense/Mortgage Protection- Life insurance can be referred to as many things based off the goal in mind it is built for.  We offer a vast range of life insurance policies in areas of Juvenile Life, Term Life, Whole life, Indexed Universal Life, Accidental Death coverage, Guaranteed Issue, etc.  With leading carriers in the industry as our partners, we work to fit each client with the best product for their needs, circumstances, health conditions, and overall finances. Optional rider Coverage of Critical Illness, Terminal Illness, Chronic Illness, Juvenile Insurability, Accelerated Death Benefits, etc may apply. Final Expense only is available upon request with a brief survey.

Cancer Preventive Care- Though Cancer can be hereditary, there are many types that are “not”. As Cancer Prevention Care is a major concern to consumers today doing all they can to live healthier life styles, this coverage offers Annual Wellness screening benefits paid to the policyholder for insured to maintain continuous checkups for you and you family. As Cancer is very expensive health expensive, a policy as this can help in areas of chemotherapy, hospital confinement, home care expenses, surgeries, radiation treatments and so much more. Our leading carriers offer coverage for all children under the parents policy for free (up to age of 26 years), this coverage often pays the policy holder back annually in wellness screenings alone making it a perfect coverage to get individuals and/or growing families.

Organized Sports-  There’s a sport in every season! Youth sports programs, College Athletes, Semi-Pro Leagues  i.e. Football, Soccer, Ballet, Baseball, Cheer-leading, etc. We as parents/family shout in support for our loved ones but cringe when we witness an injury. We all know that injury is just part of the process of doing well in sports from season to season but unexpected cost can really hurt the bottom line. While major medical coverage pays the doctors, Organized Sports Accident Injury insurance pays the policy holder putting income in the hands of the parents to help with that out of pocket expense i.e. co-pays, deductibles, X-rays, crutches, fractures, ambulance, concussions, hospital confinements, surgeries, and much more!


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