Is Your Insurance Working For You?

As the Spring is here, we are doing what? Spring cleaning in our homes and yes, even in our finances! So, have you started looking at your budget on what you need to achieve this year? How about your insurance? Have you looked at your insurance as a strategy to long term cash growth and even long term health care? How about income replacement at retirement? Do you have that feature on your life insurance?

Let’s start to maximize what we have in our policies.  You want to evaluate what our coverage is doing for you while you are living! Consider doing a Zero Based Budget approach to your financials where you can clearly see what you are bringing in as income vs. what you are paying out as debts month to month and in doing so, is there any discretionary room to allow your insurance to have added features that could save you literally thousands in the years to come and help create an income replacement for your family.

Does your coverage include Critical Illness benefits, or Cash I loan against in a crisis? Does it make sense for me and my household to have death benefit only to leave behind or do I need more options? Ask yourself the question, Is My Insurance Working for Me? If not, Why not?

Here are a few tips:

*Pull you declaration page (insurance document) and see what kind of policy do you have?

* What’s the expiration date? How many more years do you have on it?

*Are you able to use it while your living in any way? If so, how?

Great! Now that we have done this, sketch out your short term (6 months to 1yr) and long term (1 yr plus) goals?

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