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About The
“Wealth With A Vision” Tour
WAV To 2020 Vision

Demetris Curry and Columbus Life Insurance is using the 4 date tour – “Wealth With A
‘2020’ Vision” tour — to encourage and show people HOW to be WEALTHY in
finances/insurance, health/wellness, social and time. The tour will be filled with HOW
and PLANS of ‘wealthy’ living presentations and interviews with many surprise special
You will leave the “Wealth With A ‘2020’ Vision” tour with new solutions and
accountability partners for your finances/insurance, health/wellness, social and time.
Plus to immediately improve your life with a real plan of action.

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Montgomery, AL (Saturday, March 28,2020 | 2:30PM – 7PM CST)


DoubleTree by Hilton
120 Madison Ave

Montgomery, AL 36104

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Demetris “Dee” Curry, serves her community as a published Author (Brighter Days Ahead: A Blueprint for Your Future), Speaker, and Insurance Wellness Strategist. With nearly 20 years of experience in banking/financial services, wealth accumulation and maintenance, bank auditing, analytical reasoning, and life disability insurance procurement, Dee has a reputation for helping people optimize their risk portfolios while creating and maintaining the lifestyles that they deem suitable for their financial health and well-being. Dee holds a formal degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Banking and Finance and is licensed as a Life & Health and Fixed Annuities provider. Standing firm to the belief that one cannot truly live their “best life” without first having the peace in knowing that they have created a financial wealth space in which their children, their children’s children and their children, can also experience wondrous magnitudes of financial freedom; Demetris is a well-respected and much sought after advocate for generational financial health education and life insurance benefits literacy. Dee is Founder and Chief Insurance Wellness Strategist at Inspired for Greatness, LLC, a strategic wealth building development and consulting firm serving individuals and organizations around the world through wealth planning, insurance acquisition and financial sustainability services. Responsible for driving profits growth and negotiating contracts for organization leaders, Dee’s work with financial institutions has proved pivotal in helping to win Multi-Million and Billion dollar servicing bids. Encompassing the constructs of the Suitability Analysis Review (SAR) into her training, consulting, and education model, Demetris has developed a dynamic, customized, evidence-based, and results-driven strategy to establish long-term familial wealth. Having emerged as a leading expert in her field, Dee’s financial education and coaching programs prepare and position both individuals and families to attract, attain and sustain wealth for generations to come.

Christopher Thomas

WAV Tour Facilitator

Christopher has spent his entire career helping business leaders and executives solve complex marketing problems. His approach to business and marketing strategy consulting has significantly increased the bottom lines all of his clients.

He has been featured in Modern Luxury Magazine, RollingOut Magazine, Creative Loafing, Marketing Week, Entrepreneur, and Campaign Magazine.

Christopher has dealt with many types of business scenarios and issues.

As a victim of being bullied growing up, Christopher was forced to shift, grow and develop. Being tough with himself to have confidence, be courageous and learning to love himself. 

Because of this impactful and negative experience growing up … Christopher has made his ‘Mess his Message’ making him an invaluable asset to his clients and groups that he speaks with. 

Christopher has an ability to increase business income, wealth and success of a business by looking at the situations totally differently. He uncovers undervalued potentiality unseen by his clients. This skill set has captured the attention and respect of his clients, entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Christopher’s clients range from business executives to small business owners. But they all have one thing in common – all of them have profited from Christopher’s expertise. Many of his ideas and strategies have led to millions of dollars of profit increase for his diverse clients.

Christopher has identified what limit’s and restrict business growth. He is an industry leader who shows clients that most industries only know one particular marketing approach. He teaches that there may be dozens of more effective and more profitable strategies-with lower risk, and options, available to them. Christopher takes different success concepts from different industries and adapt them to a specific business … giving his clients an advantage over their competition.

Christopher has the unique ability to see hidden assets and over looked opportunities … as a result maximizing his clients business.


Jessica C. Alexander is a Montgomery, Alabama native who is making a global impact through her company
Operation Evolve. She is a brand strategist, impowerment coach, author, transformational speaker, and pageant queen who helps individuals gain clarity, discover their passions, and walk in their purpose. Passionate about helping individuals pursue their God-given purpose, Jessica authored her first book in December 2017, “Boss Up! Pursue Your Purpose with Confidence.”


Royce believes that in business we should give more that what is expected. He is passionate about helping others and proud to offer a service to protect families and their legacies. In addition, Royce believes that proper planning and sound financial advice is the key. Financial services give him an opportunity to teach people how to plan for a better future for themselves and their families all while participating in the community.

Royce holds his Series 7 licensed (Registered Rep), Series 65 (Investment Advisor Representative), Life and Health Insurance Licensed Agent and was trained as a skilled financial planner.

Prior to Royce becoming the Founding Partner of EIAT Wealth Management, he was a high dollar producer with American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise), Waddell and Reed Financial Advisors.


Jenny Mayers is a Health and Wellness Coach with a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences. She has over 20 years of wellness related experience and uses Young Living essential oils, Bemer, healthy recipes, and fun to help you achieve better health. Nothing will reduce your expenses, increase your income, and increase your joy like giving yourself the gift of optimum health.


Christina Renteria, is a speaker, image expert & serves as the owner of PinkLux, managing two unique services: Professional Image Development & Leadership Training in the United States & Internationally. She has helped hundreds of students & clients with their overall personal and professional image. Her main mission is to help her clients create an image that will help them scale in their industry & life.


Angela B. Sanders is known in the community as Ms. Health Concierge and has been working in her passion of nursing for over 3 decades. Her career has span to touch the lives of others in the areas of the Hospital setting, Hospice, Long Term Care, Home Health and Community Activist as she encourages self-care and
personal wellness.

Aleah Pilgrim

Aleah Pilgrim is a Wholistic Health & Wellness Expert. Her specialties include nutrition, supplementation counselor, customized biofeedback testing, doula and natural herbs education. Aleah is a mother of three daughters and one son, owns a herbal retail
shop and is a wholesaler/distributor of many health/wellness/beauty products.

Katlin Lee

Katlin Lee has been in the insurance industry for over 6 years, what started out as a ‘job’ in college
turned into a career. Katlin has won many awards with her company and was promoted to a leadership position in 6 short months. She is extremely passionate about helping her clients get the coverage they need most and working with business owners to provide solutions to help their bottom line.

Dr. Renee Sunday, MD

Dr. Renee Sunday wears many hats, entrepreneur, transformational speaker, best-selling author and minister. Coming from very humble
beginnings, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, she pushed herself to become one of the country’s most respected Board Certified
Anesthesiologists. She has been listed by the Consumer’s Research Council of America as one of the top 100 Anesthesiologists in the
nation. Although she has always been persistent with her education, she surpassed goals that she set for herself. From becoming a
business and media coach to helping others find their multiple streams of income, it’s no wonder that she has been deemed as “The
Platform builder.”
Dr. Renee isn’t afraid to go the road less traveled; but because she has walked many paths, she is well able to show others how to find
and walk theirs. Building up people all across the globe, she has a passion for female entrepreneurs and focuses on their reigniting. She
serves her community and touches the lives of strangers by simply being a voice of reason, a voice of wisdom and one of comfort when
needed. She also equips and teaches others to Be Seen, Be Heard, and Get Paid I and with that wisdom and experience has come best
selling books, various award nominations and her going from losing a 6-figure income to creating her brand.
Dr. Renee Sunday lives her life traveling and equipping the masses to tap into their gifts and allow the world to be galvanized by their
stories. She speaks from the heart and captivates audiences of all creeds with her smile, bold laughter, and feminine charisma. As a
transformational speaker, she shares her personal life story and interjects how her faith, her family, and her freedom to be herself have
played major roles in her success. From employee to entrepreneur and from overlooked to overbooked, Dr. Renee Sunday is gem. Her
academic successes are undeniable and her ability to teach is irreplaceable. But one thing that you can never be minimized is Dr. Renee’s
ability to help you see how your gifts can make room for you and increase your net worth.
Dr. Renee has been fortunate enough to speak on various national platforms and work alongside major figures like Oprah, T.D. Jakes,
Paula White, Jackelyn Carr and many others, With nearly 200,000 followers across all of her platforms, she will remain a powerful
inspirational force, touching lives everywhere she goes.

Kathryn Floyd

Kathryn Floyd is the Founder of Transparent Senior and Caregiving Strategies.  She is a Certified Senior Advisor, Certified Caregiving Consultant and Educator.  She has over 25 years of experience in healthcare administration and information technology.  However, when she became a caregiver to her elderly parents it was a very challenging, second job.  Almost exactly a year after her father passed away from cancer, her mother had a stroke.  While trying to maintain flexible IT work, Kathryn realized there are many other professionals/career women faced the same challenges as she did.  Her mission is to help other caregivers strategically navigate the paths of being a “good caregiver” and “taking care of themselves” by providing education and helpful resources.  She assists in resolving patient billing issues between providers and insurance companies; and creating a system by organizing patient information to optimize caregivers’ time to provide free time for themselves.

Tasha M. Scott

Tasha M. Scott, owner of Maximized Growth, is a John Maxwell Certified DISC trainer, speaker, and coach. She is also the author of three books: Don’t Limit Me, Maximize Your Existence, and Fight for Your Next Level.

Tasha partners with you to help leaders identify their strengths, become self-aware, and learn how to improve communication within your organization. She provides leadership training, executive coaching, and facilitates team building workshops. 

Tasha’s interactive teaching style stretches leaders so they are able to discover their true potential as leaders and apply what they have learned in the workplace. She doesn’t just talk about improving leadership and communication, she demonstrates what it looks like and shows leaders how to apply it. 

Tasha is also a wife, mother, and founder of Connected Women Win ® Growth Circle, a mentorship program for women in business, ministry, and leadership.  This is a safe place for women to connect with others, learn, and grow. Members of this program have access to tools, resources, and training to help them maximize their personal growth. 

All of her endeavors are designed to facilitate the growth of individuals and organizations.

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The “Wealth With A ‘2020’ Vision” is one of a kind! To insure an
intimate dialogue among participants, attendance is limited. Register

Huntsville, AL


Birmingham, AL




Montgomery, AL (Saturday, March 28,2020 | 2:30PM – 7PM CST)


DoubleTree by Hilton
120 Madison Ave

Montgomery, AL 36104

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Christopher Thomas (WAV Tour Facilitator)

Christina Renteria (Habits/Change)

Jenny Mayers (Health & Wellness-Aches/Pains/Breathing)

Royce Richardson (Financial Wealth Building)

Demetris Curry (How to Strategically Change the Game/How to Build like Corporations)

Special Guest: WAV Talk 1-on-1

Aleah Pilgrim (Health & Wellness/Taking Control/Don’t Ignore Signs)

Kathryn Floyd (Personal Leadership)

Demetris Curry (How to Use Compound Interest to Your Advantage/Money Placement)

Special Guest: WAV Talk 1-on-1

Mobile, AL (Saturday, April 25, 2020)


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