Welcome to Brighter Days Ahead Home Study Course.

I am Demetris Curry, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a business owner and most importantly a woman of God, who has been blessed to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges, from growing up with low self-esteem to being held at gunpoint in broad daylight! In these experiences, I decided to take my life back and to provide a tool towards helping others overcome obstacles, creating a roadmap to success through some of life’s most difficult circumstances. 

In this book, I share quotes that helped me through some extremely hard times. Times I was not sure I could make it out of mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe life challenges can be worked through and mastered by the using tools that propel our thinking then actions to greater heights. 

Despite my past experiences, hurts, pains, disappointments, and devastations that could have put me on a negative path of living, I pushed for Brighter Days. Reading was one of my tools to help me train the mind towards change. So, I decided to use some of my test now testimonials in helping others.

There is no other time like the present to take a moment to reflect on where you want to be and make strategic plans of how to reach that destination.

We have all been through some hard moments, right? So, where do we begin to draw the line and at what point do we make the decision to take back our lives? These are the questions I asked myself many years ago.

Brighter Days Ahead was created to help others move in that direction by making a shift in our perception of what hard times
are about, how that moment makes us stronger and wiser. We will visit well known quotes throughout history that were
instrumental, to say the least, in helping me do just that and how I used those messages to create an action of change.