About Inspired For Greatness, LLC

Inspired for Greatness delivers financial literacy strategies to individuals and corporations and/or programs abroad. As a business strategy consulting & Commercial Lending broker, Inspired for Greatness, LLC partners with leading organizations, carriers, and lenders in coaching programs that prepare individuals and business owners to manage their wealth for generations to come. Geared solely towards development in wealth-building and strategic risk management consulting, Inspired for Greatness has been positioned to work with entrepreneurs, non-profit, for profit, and government entities assisting in economic development programs and advising business owners in options available to them in future growth.

IFG Services

  • Inspired For Greatness Services
  • * Financial Literacy Training
  • * Advance Markets Insurance Structures
  • * Economic Development
  • * Assessment of Suitability Needs 
  • * Capital Asset Review
  • Commercial Lending Services i.e. 
  • New Construction Real Estate,
  •  Refinancing,
  •  Business Purpose Equity Line of Credit, 
  • Renovations,
  •  Blanket Loans,
  •  Fix & Flips,
  •  Short Term Rentals (STR) i.e. AirBNB’s,
  •  Long Term Rentals (LTR), 
  •  Franchises New Construction/Expansions,
  • Farm Loans,
  •  Cash-Out Refinancing, and more..

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